Delta Burke: Healthier and Happier

After battling weight gain, depression, and type 2 diabetes, actress Delta Burke has found victory in being more comfortable with herself.


Meet Delta

Actress Delta Burke reached some of her highest heights and lowest depths when starring as Suzanne Sugarbaker, the vain ex-beauty queen on the television sitcom Designing Women. Nominated twice for an Emmy, Delta also endured relentless public ridicule over her televised weight gain.

Through it all, Delta proved that nothing -- not her battle with weight, her ongoing struggle with depression, nor a diagnosis of diabetes -- could stop her. "I've bounced back from it all," she says proudly. Today Burke is a svelte 150 pounds. Gone is the lilting Southern belle accent that defined Suzanne Sugarbaker. In its place is the real Delta Burke talking straight from her heart about diabetes.

Happily in control of her health and her life, Delta, 52, just finished leading the nationwide Byetta Let's Talk campaign. Her goal: To help spread the word that education and communication are the keys that help people manage their diabetes. "The whole point is to encourage people to start talking," she says. "You have to learn about whatever is going on with you."

Delta says she's learned how important it is to find a doctor you can trust -- one who will take the time to explain. And she acknowledges that the road to controlling diabetes is frustrating at times. "There are so many things you have to watch," she says. "It's a lot of searching and it can be tedious, but you just have to stick with it."