Will Cross, World-Class Mountain Climber

Will Cross doesn't just dream of reaching new heights -- he literally climbs to them. Will intends to become the first American and the first person with diabetes to climb the highest mountain on each of the world's seven continents and to reach both poles.


Meet Will

"I want to show people with diabetes that they don't have to be defined by their disease," Will Cross says. "They can manage diabetes successfully and accomplish anything they put their minds to.”"Will started climbing as a teen but has gotten more serious about it in the past eight years. He doesn't suggest you have to strap on a backpack and climb to 20,000 feet to prove you can beat diabetes. But his undertakings epitomize dreaming big, facing obstacles, and pushing through physical challenges.

Climbing to such high peaks is a huge challenge for anyone, let alone someone with diabetes. "It took two years to get ready for the south pole trip and to convince people it was possible," Will says. "There were doubts. Could my physiology make a 60-day trek? What diet would work in those extremes? Would insulin freeze?"