Divabetics: Making Connections

Why not have fun while making small changes and taking control of your diabetes? These motivated women with diabetes connect with the help and community they need.


Want to feel better about yourself? Try gathering with other smart, fun-loving women to talk and laugh about your feelings and revel in a beauty makeover. Just take your cue from the nationwide Divabetic program, sponsored by Novo Nordisk. Divabetic helps women improve their self-esteem while delivering education in a way that cuts through the fear.

"Until behavior changes, health isn't going to improve," says Jessica Issler, R.D., CDE, Divabetic's nutrition and fitness expert. "Our whole focus is on motivating people to change."

Brooklyn, New York, party planner Seveda Williams, 40, says, "I've learned I'm in control of my diabetes, and whatever comes up because of it, I'll tackle that, too." Seveda is motivated to take control of her diabetes because her uncle, R&B Grammy-winner Luther Vandross, died of diabetes-related stroke complications in 2005. Seveda participates in one-night "Divabetic: Makeover Your Diabetes" programs in his honor around the country.

"People are often surprised when I tell them to take one small step at a time," Issler says. "Once they see results, they're motivated to do more."