Extreme Diabetes Makeover: Renee Stanton

An extreme diabetes makeover helped Renee Stanton take control of her diabetes. She participated in the Extreme Diabetes Makeover program from Taking Control of Your Diabetes (TCOYD), a nonprofit diabetes education organization. Her positive attitude, success, and results will inspire you.


Meet Renee

Renee Stanton, 57, who lives with type 2 diabetes, received an extreme diabetes makeover and has enjoyed some amazing results. The 20 weeks she devoted to her diabetes makeover helped her gain control of her blood sugar levels, have more energy, be more physically active, and feel good about making healthful (but still convenient) food choices.

At the beginning of the Extreme Diabetes Makeover program, developed by nonprofit diabetes education organization Taking Control of Your Diabetes, Renee's A1C result was 11.6 percent. That translates to an average blood glucose level over 280 mg/dl. Renee's high blood sugar was a problem.

"I knew I should take care of myself, but sometimes I'd go several months not paying much attention," says Renee, who lives in the San Diego area. "Then I'd get right back on top of it -- test, test, test. But my blood sugar was still high."

Renee met endocrinologist Steven Edelman, M.D., who lives with type 1 diabetes, cofounder of diabetes education organization Taking Control of Your Diabetes (TCOYD). Renee's high A1C and her desire to make changes made her a great candidate for a 20-week immersion in diabetes education and control.

The Extreme Diabetes Makeover program featured consultations with a dream team of diabetes specialists and group support from the six other people living with diabetes (PWDs) -- four with type 2 and two with type 1 -- who participated with Renee in the program.

The experts helped Renee start on the right track, but she's the one who put in the effort. And her effort paid off -- just take a look at this video: