Join the Diabetic Living Reader Panel

Calling all readers of Diabetic Living! Wanted: People living with diabetes who want to reach out and share what they've learned to help others with diabetes.

We, the people, in order to live a better life with (or despite) diabetes need friends. People who have learned to master carb counting, prick their fingers, dial up doses of insulin, and say "yes, I can eat that" to well-meaning strangers. Caring friends who have been there, done that, and can help show us the way.

That's where you come in, whether newly diagnosed or a 20-year veteran. If you would like to connect with other people living with diabetes (PWDs), consider becoming part of the Diabetic Living reader advisory panel.

Members of the panel will work closely with our editors to share information and opinions on common self-care dilemmas, provide tips for living better with diabetes, and discuss favorite food products and recipes.

To be considered for the panel, include the following information in a letter, or fill out the online form by clicking the link below.

Reader Panel Application Form