Tips on Foot Care

Foot problems are common in people with diabetes. Self-care, starting with a daily foot exam, and medical intervention could help you prevent complications and even amputation.


Keep Blood Flowing

Patients with neuropathy -- foot numbness -- are most at risk of severe foot problems, Ahroni says, because they cannot feel pain such as a shoe rubbing against the foot or even a sharp object in the shoe. Most cases of neuropathy are caused by poor blood flow and can be avoided or kept from worsening with regular physical activity.

The American Diabetes Association suggests that you wiggle your toes and put your ankles up regularly; avoid crossing your legs for long periods.

Everyday Foot-Care Tips
Always wear shoes and socks; you can use sandals on the beach and in the water.

Before you get into a pool or the tub, test the water for proper temperature.

Check inside your shoes for foreign objects and to assure the lining is smooth and won't rub

The bottom line, Ahroni says, is that good care pays off. "Foot complications can be prevented," she says.