Our Best Recipes Mini Cookbook

We've compiled our favorite easy brunch, sandwich, salad, snack, and dessert recipes for people with diabetes and made a mini cookbook that you can easily print and keep in the kitchen.

Diabetic Living's Best Recipes

Our favorite Diabetic Living brunch and lunch recipes have finally come together in this amazing mini cookbook. If you don't care to print the entire cookbook, please take note of the pages of the chapters below and change your printer settings to print only those pages.

Page 1 and 2: Simple Brunch Recipes
Page 3 and 4: Simple Sandwich Recipes
Page 5 and 6: Simple Salad Recipes
Page 7 and 8: Quick Snack Recipes
Page 9 and 10: Easy Endings Dessert Recipes

We hope you enjoy these 20 free recipes specifically developed for people with diabetes. Visit our Facebook page and let us know which recipes you try and how you like them!

Our Best Diabetic Recipes Mini Cookbook

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