Best Diabetic Recipes: Carb-Smart & Delicious

Finding the best diabetic recipes that don't skimp on taste just became a little easier. We compiled a mini cookbook with some of our best diabetic recipes including brunch dishes, sandwiches, salads, snacks, and desserts. These diabetic recipes focus on carb counts, with most ranging from 4 grams of carb to 26 grams of carb, but you'll never see a recipe with more than 35 carb grams per serving.
  • Best Diabetic Recipes: Brunch

    Asparagus with Goat Cheese

    Folate-rich asparagus spears pack a punch of flavor when mixed with goat cheese and toasted pine nuts. Try them perfectly paired with eggs and a bran muffin.

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  • Fruit with White Wine

    Plums, peaches, mango, and nectarines create a sweet and simple combination -- the best recipe for a brunch with friends.

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  • Cheesy Mushroom Casserole

    Dish up this Southern-style casserole made with grits, mushrooms, and cheddar cheese. With less than 250 calories and 23 g carb per serving, this hearty egg casserole will leave your mouth watering.

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  • Tomato-Broccoli Frittata

    Start the day off right by eating 80 percent of your daily serving of vitamin C during brunch. This low-carb frittata is full of color and flavor and has only 134 calories per serving.

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  • Tofu and Veggie Pockets

    Tofu is low in cholesterol and sodium, and it tastes great mixed with veggies and vinaigrette in these pitas. Look for extra-firm tofu, which cooks quickly and is most often used as a meat substitute.

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  • Chicken Focaccia Sandwiches

    Adding basil leaves and roasted red sweet peppers to chicken creates our best diabetic recipe for focaccia sandwiches. Put these out at a party, and there won't be any leftovers!

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  • Tomato Stack

    Stack it up! Pile fresh tomatoes and mozzarella cheese high on half of a whole wheat English muffin, and you'll stick to 16 g carb per serving.

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  • Beef and Cabbage Wraps

    Fix a quick and easy wrap that's high in fiber and has 27 g protein -- no one will ever guess it's a great diabetic recipe.

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  • Lemon-Broccoli Salad

    This salad is anything but dull! Broccoli, red onion, cranberries, mayonnaise, fresh ginger, and soy yogurt create a satisfying, low-fat salad rich in vitamin C and low in calories.

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  • Mandarin Orange Salad

    Citrus flavors liven up this dish with a mix of greens, raspberries, and toasted almonds. Let your taste buds tingle as you dive into this Asian-inspired salad.

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  • Triple-Green Bean Salad

    Green veggies give this quick and easy salad a new taste! A hint of lime juice adds zest for a simple, must-have dish.

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  • Asian Coleslaw

    Cilantro kicks this low-fat coleslaw up a notch. Make it ahead for a simple side dish with only 9 g carb and under 70 calories per serving.

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  • Pineapple Sundae

    With only 20 g carb in each serving, this sundae is a delight! Top it with pistachio nuts or sunflower kernels for an added crunch.

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  • Mini Nacho Cups

    These bite-size nachos are great for a quick, low-carb snack or a quick-fix appetizer for your next gathering.

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  • Chicken and Peach Bites

    Devour this perfectly sweet and savory dish that fits easily into your diabetes diet. This low-calorie snack has only 9 g carb per serving, and it helps keep you full through the day thanks to the protein.

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  • Banana Pudding Snack

    Fix your sweet tooth! Top vanilla pudding with bananas and wafers for a healthy and enjoyable low-calorie snack with only 2 g fat.

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  • Grown-Up S'mores

    Dark chocolate, rosemary, orange peel, and raspberry add extra flavor to a childhood favorite. Whip these up for a low-carb dessert that's also low in calories and fat.

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  • Red, White, and Blue Parfaits

    Seasonal berries and low-fat yogurt keep this parfait to 3 g fat and 129 calories per serving. Make it ahead and you'll have nicely chilled parfaits for a healthy after-dinner treat.

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  • Mini Berry-Chocolate Tarts

    Terrific raspberry-chocolate tarts in only five minutes! No need to turn on the oven -- phyllo dough shells make this delightful diabetic dessert easy as 1-2-3.

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  • Stuffed Baby Watermelon

    Staying hydrated is delicious with these water-base fruits. The lime and honey add extra sweetness to this low-fat dessert -- it's so satisfying, no one will guess it's a diabetic recipe.

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