Healthy & Delicious Diabetic Chicken Recipes

These flavorful, family-friendly chicken recipes will fit fabulously into your diabetes meal plan. Bonus: Chicken is low in fat, carbs, and calories!

Oven-Fried Parmesan Chicken Drumsticks

You don't have to give up the comfort of fried chicken -- just prepare it a little differently. Try this oven-baked alternative using a crispy combo of Parmesan cheese and dry bread crumbs. One serving has only 4 grams of carb.

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Chicken Focaccia Sandwiches

With a deli-roasted chicken, this focaccia sandwich is super simple to put together -- no cooking involved! To bring the carb count to a range that's just right for you, opt for a lower-carb bread to create this sandwich masterpiece.

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Buffalo Chicken Salad

When you're craving the heat, take a bite of this spicy Buffalo chicken salad topped with creamy blue cheese crumbles -- without the worry of excess calories and fat.

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Chicken Honey Nut Stir-Fry

Citrus, ginger, and soy sauce are packed into this delicious stir-fry that's both easy and satisfying for a weeknight meal. Plus, it's loaded with plenty of protein to keep you feeling full longer!

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Apricot-Mustard Chicken Sandwiches

For a quick lunch or dinner, stack up these sandwiches in 15 minutes or less by using leftover chicken from the slow-cooked Shredded Chicken Master Recipe. Didn't make the shredded chicken recipe? Shred a deli-roasted chicken to save time.

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Louisiana Chicken Drumsticks and Tomatoes

Take dinner up a notch with a spicy, healthy take on a Louisiana favorite. This baked chicken recipe is low-carb and full of flavor -- perfect for game day or movie night.

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Crispy Chicken Tenders and Savory Waffles with Herb Gravy

Oven-baked chicken and whole wheat waffles make a healthier version of this Southern-style comfort fare. This take on chicken and waffles is a mix between the syrup-topped fried soul food and the Pennsylvania Dutch version with pulled chicken and gravy.

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Thai Chicken Wings with Peanut Sauce

These homemade Thai-style appetizers are easy to fix with help from a slow cooker. The low-carb peanut sauce gets its zest from garlic, ground ginger, and crushed red pepper.

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Grilled Chicken with Peach Salsa

Jazz up boring chicken with this Southwestern-style dish. A cilantro, avocado, and peach salsa blend complements grilled drumsticks for a restaurant-worthy meal with only 5 grams of carb per serving.

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Chicken and Cornmeal Dumplings

Comfort food on a chilly day is a must. Accompanied by chicken, corn, and carrots, these dumplings are a healthy option for a soothing slow cooker meal at the end of a long day.

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Mexican Chicken Salad Stacks

Chili powder adds spice to these broiled chicken breasts while avocado and orange slices offer a refreshing flavor pairing for a protein- and vitamin-packed meal.

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Chicken, Macaroni, and Cheese

Serve this childhood classic at your next dinner party. The spinach and tomatoes bring sophistication to this diabetes-friendly dish without compromising the cheesy taste.

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Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

Cut down the fat in this classic take on Creole gumbo by browning the flour in a skillet without adding fats or oil and using reduced-sodium chicken broth -- equally delicious and healthy.

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Chicken Taco Pizzas

Pita bread makes for a lower-carb alternative to traditional pizza crust. Topped with chicken, reduced-fat cheese, and light sour cream, these easy pizzas will please the whole family.

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Five-Spice Chicken Wings

Five-spice powder is a mixture of spices commonly used in Asian cuisine and has a balance of heat and sweet. The most common spices are anise, cloves, cinnamon, Sichuan pepper, and fennel. Serve these wings with celery for a low-carb way to conquer the spice.

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Chicken and Mushroom Manicotti

Dish up generous portions of this classic Italian favorite without breaking your carb or calorie bank. Plump pasta rolls are full of lean chicken breast, reduced-fat cheese, and light spaghetti sauce.

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Salsa Chicken on a Stick

Spicy chicken skewers are perfect party appetizers that are low-carb yet exploding with taste. Or serve as a main dish with a side of grilled veggies.

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Chicken, Sauerkraut, and Apple Panini

For a quick-fix lunch or light dinner, try this filling sandwich on heart-healthy wheat bread for an easy, bistro-worthy meal.

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Balsamic-Dijon Chicken

Marinated in mustard, balsamic vinegar, and garlic, this oil- and sugar-free dish is sure to be a pleaser at any grill-out or family get-together.

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Pumpkin, Bean, and Chicken Enchiladas

Though pumpkin bumps up the carb count in these bean and chicken enchiladas, it also amps up the nutrient value and can help you feel fuller longer.

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Chicken, Pear, and Parmesan Salad

Chop and slice the night before, then throw this salad together in the morning for a healthy take-along lunch.

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Chicken Enchilada Casserole

Cut down calories with this easy-to-fix casserole by using light sour cream. This Mexican-inspired meal is also carb-friendly and perfect for a family dinner.

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Hearty Chicken and Bean Casserole

Featuring low-carb veggies, this chicken casserole is packed with protein and fiber. Fix it the night before and simply stick it in the oven when you get home.

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Mediterranean Chicken Salad

Light, crisp lettuce blends beautifully with the intense flavors of feta cheese and Kalamata olives. This chicken salad is filling enough for lunch or dinner.

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Easy Chicken Pasta

Need a quick dinner recipe that's as delicious as it is easy? Try this healthy dish that comes together in a snap and makes six servings.

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Citrus Chicken Salad

This garden-fresh spinach salad is a terrific way to use leftover chicken.

When you're cooking chicken breasts, add an extra piece or two so there's some left over for recipes like this.

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Tarragon Chicken Linguine

Bite-size chicken strips are studded with broccoli florets in this yummy -- yet healthful -- pasta dish.

Cook broccoli with linguine to save on cleanup.

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Grilled Chicken Sandwiches

Slices of zucchini and yellow summer squash make this grilled chicken sandwich extra tasty. Brush the zesty citrus coating on toasted whole wheat buns for extra flavor.

Add a lively bite to the lime dressing by stirring in 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper before chilling.

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Chicken-Brown Rice Salad

Whip up this scrumptious chicken-studded salad in minutes. Go green with French-cut green beans and shredded cabbage.

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Kiwi Chicken Tostadas

Kiwifruit and plum tomatoes bring fun flavor to this yummy chicken salad.

Look for baked tostada shells in the Mexican food section of your supermarket.

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Chicken Vegetable Soup

This isn't your mom's chicken soup! Barley adds texture, flavor, and a healthy dose of fiber to this colorful (and flavorful) soup.

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Bow Tie Pasta with Chicken and Broccoli

Mayonnaise makes a terrific no-fuss sauce for the chicken and pasta.

Bonus: Use light mayonnaise rather than regular to keep the fat and calories down.

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Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole

This isn't an old-fashioned chicken casserole loaded with calories. Reduced-fat soup and fat-free milk greatly reduce fat and calories while keeping a hearty taste.

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Chicken and Slaw Tostadas

Shredded chicken and tangy slaw combine for tasty tostadas in this easy-to-follow recipe.

If you prefer to make a wrap sandwich, encase the tortillas in foil and bake them in a 350-degree oven for about 10 minutes or until warm. Then wrap each tortilla around some of the slaw and chicken mixture.

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Shortcut Chicken Mole

Unsweetened cocoa powder gives this spicy chicken dish an unexpected dose of flavor, which comes together in only 20 minutes!

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