7 Diabetes-Friendly Desserts You Can Buy at the Grocery Store

You don’t have to avoid desserts just because you have diabetes—it’s normal to crave something sweet. If you don’t have time to make a healthy homemade treat, reach for one of these Diabetic Living BETTER CHOICE™ picks instead.
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    These Diabetic Living BETTER CHOICE™ taste-tested and approved desserts meet our strict nutritional guidelines to help you make smarter decisions in the grocery aisles. They might not meet your nutritional needs perfectly, but these seven winners are the best options when you want to grab a better-for-you treat.

  • Best Cookie: Annie’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

    These cookies have just the right amount of crunch and plenty of chocolate chips. Plus, they’re sweetened with organic cane sugar and organic molasses. No artificial flavors or high-fructose corn syrup here!

    130 cal., 7 g total fat
    (2.5 g sat. fat), 0 mg chol.,
    80 mg sodium, 15 g carb.
    (1 g fiber, 7 g sugars), 1 g pro.

  • Best Sorbet: Häagen-Dazs Raspberry Sorbet

    Refreshing and smooth, this fruity sorbet is the perfect balance of sweet and tart.

    120 cal., 0 g total fat,
    0 mg chol., 0 mg sodium,
    31 g carb. (2 g fiber,
    27 g sugars), 0 g pro.






  • Best Brownie: Fiber One 90 Calorie Mint Fudge Brownie

    Mint chips and drizzle give these chewy, low-calorie brownies a cool edge. Bonus: They come individually wrapped for portion control. 

    90 cal., 3 g total fat
    (2 g sat. fat), 0 mg chol.,
    85 mg sodium, 18 g carb.
    (5 g fiber, 8 g sugars), 1 g pro

  • Best Fro Yo: Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia FroYo

    A classic flavor gets a low-fat makeover without skimping on any stir-ins. 

    170 cal., 3 g total fat
    (2 g sat. fat), 20 mg chol.,
    55 mg sodium, 32 g carb.
    (1 g fiber, 24 g sugars), 5 g pro.

  • Best Gelatin: JELL-O SUGAR-FREE (strawberry flavor)

    Try this kid-favorite with fat-free whipped cream for a low-carb dessert.  

    10 cal., 0 g total fat,
    0 mg chol., 45 mg sodium,
    0 g carb. (0 g fiber,
    0 g sugars), 1 g pro.

  • Best Frozen Pop: Blue Bunny Orange Dream Bar

    This sweet and creamy bar—a tasty combo of reduced-fat vanilla ice cream and orange sherbet—will make you feel like a kid again for only 13 carb grams.

    70 cal., 1 g total fat
    (1 g sat. fat), 5 mg chol.,
    20 mg sodium, 13 g carb.
    (0 g fiber, 11 g sugars), 1 g pro.

  • Best Ice Cream Sandwich: Skinny Cow

    Generously portioned, Skinny Cow’s mix of low-fat ice ream and chocolate wafers is an indulgent treat without the heavy calorie count. Try both vanilla and chocolate flavors.

    150 cal., 2 g total fat
    (1 g sat. fat), 5 mg chol.,
    120 mg sodium, 30 g carb.
    (3 g fiber, 15 g sugars), 4 g pro.

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