Diabetic Frozen Dessert Recipes: Ice Cream, Sherbet, Frozen Pops & More

Frozen desserts are in high demand any time of year, and our collection of diabetic recipes will let you enjoy your favorites guilt-free. Whether you want ice cream, ice pops, sherbet, frozen yogurt, snow cones, or ice cream pie, our sweet frozen treats can't be beat.

Silky Chocolate Milkshakes

Light, silken-style tofu is the unexpected ingredient that gives this diabetic milkshake its high-protein appeal. Choose light vanilla ice cream and unsweetened cocoa powder to help slim down the dessert.

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Smoothie Pops

These refreshing, fat-free pops are a tasty way to sneak extra dairy and fruit into dessert. Use a variety of fruits for a colorful, nutritious snack that even the pickiest kids can't resist.

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Chocolate Ice Cream

Nothing says dessert like homemade chocolate ice cream. Using whole milk may seem like a splurge, but our version of this classic is still low in calories and carbs, plus it has only six easy ingredients.

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Watermelon-Berry Granita

Granita is a delicious, fat-free way to satisfy your sweet tooth on a hot summer day. This diabetic recipe is low in calories and loaded with antioxidants.

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Lemon-Lavender Frozen Yogurt

Bring unexpected elegance to your table with this low-carb frozen yogurt. Low in calories and fat-free, this easy dessert is stunning when garnished with a slice of lemon and a sprig of lavender.

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Milk Chocolate-Berry Ice Cream

Consider this recipe a frozen version of the chocolate-dipped strawberry. This all-natural ice cream will delight your taste buds and is easy to share with 10 servings per recipe. Cut carbs and calories by using a sugar substitute.

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Raspberry-Mocha Ice Cream Brownie Cake

Love raspberries and chocolate? Part brownie and part ice cream, this diabetes-friendly recipe has all the flavor of a gourmet dessert with half the calories, carbs, and fat.

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Frozen Raspberry Tart

Frozen in a fluted tart pan, this beautiful no-bake dessert will impress your guests. Plus, it has only 3 grams of fat and 133 calories per serving, so you can enjoy a slice guilt-free.

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Triple Chocolate-Hazelnut Frozen Mousse

With triple layers of dark, white, and milk chocolates, this frozen mousse is every chocolate lover's dream. Toasted hazelnuts add a rich crunch to this low-carb delight.

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Frozen Pumpkin Slices

Who says a pumpkin dessert has to be fresh out of the oven? These spiced frozen slices bring the taste of autumn you love to your table any time of year in one light dessert that's bursting with vitamin A.

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Layered Frozen Chocolate-Coffee Pops

Our layered frozen pops are the perfect sweet treat for the kid in every grown-up. With fewer than 80 calories and only 16 grams of carb per pop, these low-fat frozen treats combine sophisticated flavors with a touch of whimsy.

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Ice Cream Finger Sandwiches

Delicate, delicious ladyfingers sandwich your favorite light ice cream in these fun, low-calorie treats. Best of all, with just four easy ingredients, you can have semi-homemade ice cream sandwiches in about an hour.

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Banana Split Ice Cream Pie

With a few lightened tweaks, you can enjoy a slice of this ice cream pie and eat it, too. Of course, no banana split is complete without a dollop of whipped cream and a strawberry on top!

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Pecan-Maple Sorbet Cups

Looking for an elegant dessert to end a special meal? Try this lovely sorbet nestled in crispy tuile, the cookielike shells.

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Frozen Mango-Ginger Cups

Incredibly easy to make, these low-carb dessert cups are sure to be a family favorite all summer long. Featuring mango, ginger, creamy yogurt, and cream cheese, each serving has only 81 calories and 3 grams of fat.

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Pudding Pops

Transform pudding from a snack-in-a-cup to a special frozen treat with these customizable pops that boast 7 grams of carb and 36 calories per serving.

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Double-Berry Ice Cream

Strawberries and raspberries team up to make this frozen treat doubly delicious. Plus this low-fat, low-carb ice cream makes enough for 18 servings!

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Tropical Fruit Pops

Mango, pineapple, and banana lend plenty of tangy zip to these fruity pops, but the real flavor surprise is the addition of ground ginger.

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Watermelon-Tea Snow Cones

When the weather's hot, cool off with this pick-me-up that gets its lively flavor but only a few carbs from mint, Red Zinger tea, and watermelon.

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Tri-Colored Sherbet

This easy recipe lets you serve a sophisticated trio of white chocolate, blackberry, and raspberry-rhubarb sherbets all at once. For the best flavor, be sure to use a premium white chocolate for the white chocolate sherbet.

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Melon-Mango Ice Cream

Nothing's more fun than making your own ice cream, especially when it's this tropical pleaser. It won't derail your diabetic meal plan because it's made with fat-free half-and-half and buttermilk instead of whipping cream.

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Golden Pineapple Sorbet

Its lower acid and higher sugar content make the golden variety of pineapple perfect for freezing. Serve this extraordinary and refreshing 97-calorie sorbet with Cinnamon Crisps.

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Devil's Food Ice Cream Pie

This decadent dessert will hit the spot after a long summer day.

Tip: Add the chocolate topping after freezing the pie -- otherwise, the chocolate flavor will not be as strong.

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Chocolate Sherbet

This chocolatey frozen treat makes the perfect light ending to a summer barbeque.

Tip: Don't skimp on chilling time for the whipping cream mixture. It needs to be thoroughly chilled to freeze properly.

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Frosty Blackberry-Lemon Ice

Chill out with this fruity frozen treat. Eat with a spoon, or turn the lemon ice into a slushy drink by pouring club soda or sparkling water over a scoop in a glass.

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Choose-a-Fruit Tropical Sherbet

Whether you make it mango, kiwifruit, or papaya, unflavored gelatin and buttermilk give this sherbet its smooth texture while keeping the fat and calories low.

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Chocolate Ice Cream Roll

Family and friends will love this do-ahead dessert. The creamy ice cream cake is spectacular enough to serve as a grand finale to a patio party.

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Cherry-Apricot Freeze

This colorful frozen treat can be stored up to one month in the freezer. That means no wasted leftovers!

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White Chocolate-Berry Pops

These homemade frozen treats combine the best of quick prep and great taste. You'll find fruit flavors as well as chocolate to tempt you.

Tip: For added variety, look for unusual frozen-pop molds for the fruity pops or use readily available paper or plastic drink cups.

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Peach-Berry Frozen Dessert

Fat-free yogurt and light dessert topping help keep this chilly dessert low in calories, carbs, and fat.

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Citrus Sherbet

Orange juice and lemon juice make this sherbet extra peppy.

Tip: Drop a tangy scoop onto soda for a frizzy float.

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Minted Tangerine Sorbet

This refreshing dessert can also be served as a palate cleanser between courses to give your next dinner party added panache.

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