Low-Calorie Desserts

We've taken the guilt out of these yummy low-calorie desserts. With only 100 to 150 calories per serving, now, you can enjoy your favorite cake, cookie, or pie with a clear conscience.
  • Nutty Carrot Cake Bars

    Loaded with carrot, nuts, and pumpkin pie spice and slathered with a velvety cream cheese frosting, these bars are sure to become a family favorite

    Calories: 121 per bar
    Carbs: 12 g per bar

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  • Butter-Rum Oatmeal Cookies

    This soft, eggless cookie makes a delightful snack -- especially with a glass of cold milk or a hot cup of tea.

    Calories: 67 per cookie
    Carbs: 12 g per cookie

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  • Berry Pudding Cake

    The "cake" top bakes while the berries bubble in their own juicy sweetness underneath.

    Calories: 141 per cake
    Carbs: 26 g per cake

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  • Chocolate-Mint Cups

    Chocolate and mint make the perfect dessert duo -- one's indulgent while the other's refreshing!

    Calories: 54 per serving
    Carbs: 9 g per serving

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  • Soft Snickerdoodles

    This classic cookie recipe gets a new twist with the addition of peanuts, currants, and cranberries. To make the cookie dough a little firmer and easier to drop, chill it for up to an hour.

    Calories: 96 per cookie
    Carbs: 13 g per cookie

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  • Strawberry Cream Pie

    In the mood for an elegant dessert? Try this creamy mousse of pureed fresh strawberries, fluffy egg whites, gelatin, and whipped topping surrounded by delicate ladyfingers. Don't have fresh strawberries? Frozen works as well.

    Calories: 130 per serving
    Carbs: 22 g per serving

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  • Apple Crisp

    There's nothing like this old-fashioned apple dessert to top off a good home-cooked meal.

    Calories: 142 per 1/2-cup serving
    Carbs: 24 g per 1/2-cup serving

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  • Black Forest Trifle

    Sugar-free cake and pudding mixes are the secrets to this winning Summer Fruit Dessert entry from Des Moines resident Suellen Calhoun. The cherry-studded delight is so luscious no one will ever guess it's low enough in calories, fat, and carbs to fit into a diabetic meal plan.

    Calories: 102 per 2/3-cup serving
    Carbs: 22 g per 2/3-cup serving

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  • Peach-Berry Cobbler

    This refreshing fruit dessert can be made with fresh or frozen peaches and raspberries. To cut the calories and carbs even more, you can use the sugar substitute option.

    Calories: 150 per serving
    Carbs: 28 g per serving

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  • Crisp Spice Cookies

    The word "gossamer" refers to something light and delicate, and aptly describes these crisp, paper-thin cookies of northern European descent.

    Calories: 50 per cookie
    Carbs: 8 g per cookie

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  • Walnut-Raspberry Thumbprints

    These tiny jam-filled tidbits are a festive addition to a holiday buffet table or cookie tray and just good enough to stick around for any special occasion.

    Calories: 60 per cookie
    Carbs: 7 g per cookie

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  • Chocolate Souffle

    A devil's food souffle seems altogether too sinful to appear on a diabetic menu, but things aren't always as they seem. Plus, this recipe is pretty simple, which means you don't have to spend hours slaving over it.

    Calories: 109 per souffle
    Carbs: 9 g per souffle

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  • Berries with Custard Sauce

    We lightened traditional custard by decreasing egg yolks and thickening with cornstarch. The result? A mouthwatering oh-so-creamy dessert.

    Calories: 132 per serving
    Carbs: 23 g per serving

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  • Apple-Sauced Nachos

    Who says nachos have to involve cheese and jalapenos? We took this favorite recipe to a sweet place using apples and whole-wheat tortillas. Baking the tortilla wedges in muffin cups produces a curled chip that's perfect for scooping.

    Calories: 133 for 3 chips and 1/2 cup of the apple mixture
    Carbs: 30 g for 3 chips and 1/2 cup of the apple mixture

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  • Cherry-Chocolate Bread Pudding

    Chocolate and cherries are a delicious addition to basic bread pudding. And, we've added another twist by using whole grain bread, which produces a heartier pudding.

    Calories: 148 calories per serving
    Carbs: 25 g per serving

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  • Nectarine Tart

    The filling in this low-fat dessert tastes deceivingly rich. Fat-free cream cheese is the key. For a pretty finish, arrange the nectarines or peaches and blueberries in a pinwheel design before glazing with the apricot spread.

    Calories: 140 calories per slice
    Carbs: 23 g per slice

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  • Choose-a-Fruit Tropical Sherbet

    Whether you make it mango, kiwifruit, or papaya, unflavored gelatin and buttermilk give this sherbet its smooth texture while keeping the fat and calories per serving low.

    Calories: 90 per 1/2-cup serving
    Carbs: 21 g per 1/2-cup serving

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  • Roasted Mangoes with Brown Sugar Topping

    Prepare the brown sugar topping up to one day ahead and refrigerate until baking time. Serve the mangoes warm topped with dollops of fat-free ice cream. Use big spoons to scoop out the tender sweet pulp.

    Calories: 106 per serving
    Carbs: 26 g per serving

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  • Gingered Shortcake Bites

    Crystallized ginger is gingerroot that's been simmered in syrup and coated with sugar. Look for it in your supermarket's produce or spice section.

    Calories: 83 per cookie
    Carbs: 14 g per cookie

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  • Creamy Lime Mousse

    Thanks to light sour cream and light dessert topping this citrus sensation tastes rich and creamy but has only 2 grams of fat per serving.

    Calories: 112 per 1/2-cup serving
    Carbs: 4 g per 1/2-cup serving

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  • Very-Cherry Peach Cobbler

    This recipe uses a tender biscuitlike topper to set off the ripe, juicy peaches and dark sweet cherries in this top-notch dessert.

    Calories: 142 per 3/4-cup serving
    Carbs: 25 g per 3/4-cup serving

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  • Lemon-Mousse Topped Gingersnaps

    Whether you want to make a presentation of your dessert or just have fun with it, these lemon-mousse topped cookies offer a way to be creative with your food. Another time, use mandarin orange sections or fresh raspberries in place of the kumquats or orange peel.

    Calories: 42 per cookie
    Carbs: 8 g per cookie

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  • Creamy Fruit Morsels

    During early spring, make these fruity bites with strawberries and kiwifruit. As the weather turns warmer, expand to include fresh summer fruits, such as dark sweet cherries, figs, or apricots.

    Calories: 17 per morsel
    Carbs: 2 g per morsel

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  • Grilled Gingered-Melon Kabobs

    While this recipe calls for honeydew and cantaloupe, other varieties of melon, such as Persian or crenshaw, also taste terrific in these gingered skewers.

    Calories: 97 per kabob
    Carbs: 25 g per kabob

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