Our Best Birthday Cakes

Make a wish! What better way to celebrate another year than with a delicious birthday cake? Here are some of our favorite kid-friendly diabetic birthday cakes, plus delicious treats that will bring out the kid in you.

Almond Red Velvet Cupcakes

Surprise! Yes, this red velvet cupcake recipe is diabetes-friendly and makes perfect personalized cupcakes for any special occasion, including birthdays and weddings. 

Cupcake Critter

Our cute cupcake critter is crawling by to wish your wee ones a happy birthday. Kids will love to help decorate this low-carb, low-cal treat with their birthday party guests.

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Banana Split Cake Roll

You'll feel like a kid again with our diabetes-friendly version of this ice cream parlor favorite. As fun as it is scrumptious, this cake is also low in calories -- even with a cherry on top.

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My Little Crown Cake

Bejeweled cookies are the key to this regal diabetic dessert. Customize the shapes and colors to please any birthday royalty, be it king, queen, prince, or princess!

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Cupcake-Topped Sprinkle Cones

Surprise! Your birthday guests will be delighted to discover that concealed inside these charming sprinkle cones are actually low-carb cupcakes with a delicious strawberry filling.

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Sunshine Cake

Brighten up a birthday with this light and fluffy cake The zesty lemon-flavored whipped topping will delight your guests and keep the party going!

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Raspberry Mocha Ice Cream Brownie Cake

Juicy raspberries, rich mocha ice cream, and moist brownies stack up to create a truly decadent reduced-calorie dessert. This luscious cake is sure to be a winner at any birthday celebration.

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Tropical Cake Squares

Give your guest of honor a taste of the islands. Refreshing and exotic, these unique cakes are especially elegant with a candle or two sparkling on top.

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Vanilla Latte Cupcakes

It's no secret that cupcakes have made a big comeback with kids of all ages. These lower-calorie vanilla gems are topped with a latte frosting that will delight any coffee-lover on that special day.

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Melon Chiffon Cake with Sparkling Fruit

Perfect for any birthday gourmet: sweet, juicy cantaloupe tossed with sparkling wine accompanies this beautiful fluted cake. This is diabetes-friendly baking at its finest.

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Coffee-Chocolate Marble Cake

You'll never believe this rich, indulgent cake is diabetes-friendly. A swirl of chocolate and a drizzle of coffee eliminate the need for frosting, keeping calories and fat in check.

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Pumpkin Coffee Break Cake

Low in calories and loaded with vitamin A, this cake is just right for a weekend brunch or an office treat on a coworker's birthday. Although it is spiced with the flavors of fall, this lovely treat is a welcome indulgence year-round.

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Ginger-Spiced Chocolate Cake

Rich cocoa meets tangy buttermilk and zesty ginger in this easy-to-make cake. A unique treat for any birthday celebration, this pretty dessert is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

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