Holiday Gift Sweet Packages: How to Make a Biscuit Tin

Personalize your holiday sweets with an easy-to-make biscuit tin. We'll provide the instructions, the recipe, and the gift tag (complete with nutrition information). You do the baking!
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Package Instructions:

  1. Affix a strip of patterned paper around the side of a cookie tin.

  2. Glue a length of ribbon around the edge of the lid.

  3. Attach a circle of solid paper to the top of the lid; layer two smaller paper circles on top.

  4. For the tree, cut two triangles from card stock and vertically crease the center of the smaller triangle; layer and attach the triangles.

  5. Add a brown paper trunk to the tree.

  6. Fill the tin with tea biscuits.

Give the nutrition info on your gift tag