Holiday Gift Sweet Packages: How to Make a Pretzel Bag

Personalize your holiday sweets with an easy-to-make pretzel bag. We'll provide the instructions, the recipe, and the gift tag (complete with nutrition information). You do the baking!
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Package Instructions:

  1. Cut a piece of patterned paper the width of a cellophane gift bag; fold paper in half to create a bag topper.

  2. Cut a decorative pattern on the bottom edge of the topper.

  3. Layer two more pieces of patterned paper over the first piece, letting the decorative edge show.

  4. Layer two paper circles, a star, and a sticker on the front of the topper.

  5. Insert the bag in the topper and punch two holes through the entire assembly.

  6. Fill the bag, add the topper, and secure with a ribbon bow.

Give the nutrition info on your gift tag