Diabetic Sweet Potato Recipes

Sweet potatoes are a healthy and tasty vegetable to add to your diet. These colorful spuds are loaded with vitamin A and potassium. Plus, they're inexpensive, leaving your budget intact this holiday season.

Sweet Potato Pie

Put down the pumpkin -- make sweet potato pie instead. This lovely pie features cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla flavors, plus a dollop of whipped dessert topping.

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Turkey and Sweet Potato Chowder

Canned soups can't compare to this creamy chowder. Filled with corn and chunky sweet potatoes, one serving gives you 4 grams of fiber.

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Sweet Potato Casserole

Enjoy the crunch of the sweet pecan topping to end your meal. This crustless dessert tastes just like its pie counterpart but with fewer carbs. Use a brown sugar substitute to cut carbohydrate to 16 grams per serving.

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Grilled Sweet Potato Wedges

Have a hankering for fries? Slice up sweet potatoes and season with a medley of oregano, garlic, cinnamon, and cilantro. Presto! Your craving is satisfied without the extra carbs and calories.

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Rustic Apple-Sweet Potato Tart

In just four easy steps, you can have a beautiful and tasty tart. Be sure to use the whole wheat pastry recipe for extra nutrients.

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Loaded Mashed Sweet Potatoes

This quick sweet potato side dish will feel like an indulgence. But with 18 grams of carb and only 100 calories, it's a healthier alternative to white potatoes.

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Sweet Potatoes with Fruit

Bake apples and pears with your sweet potatoes in a healthy, fall-inspired recipe. This sweet and savory dish is topped with pecans and sweetened with honey.

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Sweet Potato Wontons

With only 10 grams of carb per serving, you can feel good about this creative appetizer. For easy sweet potato cooking, cut the potato into thirds and boil in water for about 20 minutes.

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Southwest Salmon and Sweet Potatoes

Score some omega-3-fatty acids with this subtly spicy salmon dish. Instead of using butter, steam the fillets in foil to reduce saturated fat and calories.

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Southwestern Sweet Potato Stew

This stew has almost half a day's worth of vitamin C in one serving. Not to mention this spicy, fiber-packed dish will warm you up and keep you feeling full longer.

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Citrus-Sweet Potato Pie

Enjoy a guilt-free pie for the holidays. Serve this tangy dessert -- which features a homemade pastry crust -- for only 25 grams of carb per serving.

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Sweet Potato Soup with Toasted Pecans

A twist on the classic potato soup, this hearty dish incorporates all the fall favorites: leeks, carrots, potatoes, and sweet potatoes.

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Lamb Chops with Sweet Potato Chutney

The vinegar base with sweet potatoes pairs decadently with lamb. Not a fan of lamb? The chutney is delicious with other kinds of meat as well.

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Italian Pork with Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Are you a meat-and-potatoes kind of person? Mix it up with this perfectly seasoned dish that has only 24 grams of carb per serving.

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Whole Wheat Sweet Potato Bread

Start your day with the perfect breakfast bread. Plus, you can use sugar substitutes such as Splenda or Sweet'N Low to cut carbs.

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Maple-Ginger Sweet Potatoes

Starring apples and cranberries, this sweet potato recipe is naturally sweet. It will take about five hours to perfectly slow cook this fall-inspired dish, but it's well worth the wait -- one serving has fewer than 100 calories.

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Meatless Sweet Potato Hash

Get all the protein you need without the meat. The veggies in this dish provide 7 grams of fill-you-up fiber, plus a healthy boost of vitamin A and heart-smart fats.

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Crustless Pistachio-Topped Sweet Potato Pie

Skip the task of making a homemade crust and still get a decadent pie. To make mashing the sweet potatoes easy, cook them for 25-30 minutes.

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Root Beer-Marinated Pork Tenderloin with Sweet Potatoes

For perfect-tasting pork, soak it in a diet root beer marinade overnight. Add a side of roasted sweet potatoes, and you have a meal with the perfect blend of sweet and savory.

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