Our Favorite Diabetic Recipes

We've tested and tasted hundreds of recipes for Diabetic Living. Here are 15 staff favorites that have made their way into our own recipe boxes at home!

Our Best Staff Picks!

It takes a team of people to bring you the best diabetic recipes your whole family will love! Editors, dietitians, art directors, and more weigh in on what recipes have become their favorites over the years and why they're oh, so good.

Favorite Casserole

"While I was actively trying to lose weight, I craved comfort food. I was so happy to find this lower-calorie version of an old favorite. The tangy yogurt and crispy topping are my favorite!"

--Jennifer Darling, executive food editor

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Favorite Breakfast

"This version of huevos rancheros seems like a special treat -- chips and salsa for breakfast?! The eggs and cheese make it hearty and filling; the chips and salsa make it fun and different. I like it for everyday breakfasts or entertaining brunches."

--Elizabeth Elliott, RD, LD, Test Kitchen dietitian

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Favorite Chicken Dish

"I especially love the kick in flavor from the poblano pepper. Cutting into the chicken and having warm, melty cheese ooze out is the best part. It feels like a special meal without requiring too much effort."

--Sheena Chihak, RD, food editor

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Favorite Sandwich

"My whole family loves this take on a Reuben sandwich -- it's lighter than the traditional Reuben, and the coleslaw adds freshness and crunch. I like to make these on busy weeknights in less than 15 minutes."

--Michelle Bilyeu, Diabetic Living art director

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Favorite Sandwich

"I've always been a fan of classic BLTs, but this is my new favorite version! The tomato-sour cream spread has a nice little spiciness to it, and I like using it instead of mayo. The spinach instead of lettuce is a good swap, too."

--Lori Eggers, Diabetic Living administrative assistant

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Favorite Burger

"I love adding peppers to meals for both extra flavor and nutrients. This recipe lets me use peppers in three different ways! I enjoy these burgers year-round by cooking them on a grill pan indoors when the weather gets cooler."

--Carrie Schmitz, PWD type 1, copy editor

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Favorite Soup

"This soup has it all: It's delicious, fills you up, and is packed with healthy ingredients. It's easy to make a double batch of the meatballs, freeze half, then serve later in meatball sandwiches or over spaghetti."

--Greg Luna, Test Kitchen food stylist

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Favorite Salad

"It's like a marriage of tender grilled pork and warm peach pie, and I love it! The honey balances the curry to make a sweet-spicy dressing that coats the greens perfectly. My all-time favorite salad!"

--Jessie Shafer, Diabetic Living food and nutrition editor

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Favorite Salad

"One of my favorite ways to cut down on sodium is by making my own salad dressing, and this salad includes the best recipe for a sweet citrus-poppy seed dressing. This is a very satisfying and flavorful main dish."

--Jane Burnett, RD, Test Kitchen dietitian

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Favorite Meatless Dish

"The orange-cilantro sauce brings great flavor to this recipe without adding a lot of fat and calories. I also love the versatility of the ingredients -- I can use chicken, pork, or fish if I decide I want to add meat."

--Lynn Blanchard, Test Kitchen director

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Favorite Meatless Dish

"You don't miss the noodles or meat in this creative take on lasagna. The polenta makes a great base for the flavorful vegetables and cheese. Very easy and very yummy!"

--Gretchen Kauffman, proofreader

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Favorite Seafood

"You can't beat the crunchy coating and the sweet-and-savory combination in this delicious shrimp dish. It's so much better than similar dishes you'll find at seafood chain restaurants!"

--Alexis Huntoon, Diabetic Living assistant art director

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Favorite Pasta

"I developed this recipe to showcase the ease and versatility of sauteing, which is one of my favorite cooking methods. There are so many levels of flavor in this dish, it's hard to believe it's so easy and good for you!"

--Chef Chris Smith, PWD type 1, The Diabetic Chef, recipe developer

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Favorite Side Dish

"This recipe is great because it's only five ingredients and super easy to make. Plus, every ingredient, from the dash of pure maple syrup to the aged white cheddar cheese, contributes so much great flavor."

--Laura Marzen, RD, LD, recipe developer

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Favorite Side Dish

"This is no boring side salad! With zip from the pesto veggies, this Greek-Italian hybrid is complemented by one of my favorite foods: feta cheese. Plus, you get all this flavor for only 100 calories!"

--Lori Brookhart-Schervish, editor

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