Valentine's Day Meal Ideas

Share the love by whipping up dinner for your Valentine's Day date with these delicious diabetes-friendly recipes. We've paired diverse dishes with drinks and desserts perfect for dinner for two or parties of more.

Seared Scallops with Mint Pesto

Plump scallops are topped off with a rich blend of mint, almond, and Parmesan cheese in this dish for two. This meal pairs well with a vanilla panna cotta dessert that is just as decadent. Get the dessert recipe on the next slide!

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Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta with Strawberries

This sweet diabetic dessert is a luxurious end to a rich dinner. Using fat-free half-and-half cuts the calories in this creamy Italian-inspired dessert.

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Chicken Honey Nut Stir-Fry

This restaurant favorite features all the takeout flavors you crave for only 28 grams of carb per serving. Finish this easy dinner for two with a creamy chai tea featured on the following slide.

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This black tea chai is spiced up with ginger and cardamom. Sweetened with honey and vanilla, it's the perfect drink to end a relaxing night.

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Chicken and Mushroom Manicotti

Make Valentine's Day a double date with this easy-to-whip-up Italian favorite. Two stuffed manicotti boast 6 grams of fiber and just 322 calories per serving. End the meal with a delicate orange custard featured on the next slide.

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Spiced Orange Custards

The subtle nutmeg flavor in these low-carb custards is a perfect ending to a cheesy pasta dinner. Sweetened with vanilla and orange peel, this dessert has an unbelievable 92 calories and 15 grams of carb per serving.

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Petite Tenderloin with Chipotle Sweet Potatoes

For a diabetes-friendly date-night dinner, serve mashed sweet potatoes as a side to juicy filet mignon. You won’t believe this restaurant-worthy meal has just 24 grams of carb per serving.

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Chocolate Meringues with Chocolate Topper and Raspberries

The winning flavor combination with the light texture of meringue will definitely satisfy your chocolate craving and win over that special someone's heart.

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Ultimate Spaghetti and Meatballs

Dine on romantic Italian cuisine with this slow cooker pasta flavored with sweet peppers and mushrooms. Use multigrain spaghetti for extra fiber. Pair this dish with the low-carb breadsticks featured on the next slide.

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Grilled Breadsticks

Top your ultimate Italian meal with breadsticks. This low-carb version is cooked to a crisp on a charcoal grill and seasoned with butter, garlic, and hot chili powder.

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Fresh Tomato Omelets with Mozzarella Cheese

Make breakfast in bed for your sweetheart! This easy-to-make omelet oozes with mozzarella cheese, yet it's low in fat, packed with protein, and has just 4 grams of carb and 103 calories per serving. Pair it with a delightful fruit parfait featured on the following slide.

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Peach-Blueberry Parfaits

This layered fruit-and-yogurt parfait features flavored fat-free yogurt, whole grain cereal, and fresh fruit for a perfectly sweet ending to breakfast.

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Easy Taco Salad

Make this Tex-Mex salad for two this Valentine's Day. It's loaded with black beans, cheddar cheese, salsa, and sour cream -- you won't believe it has only 235 calories per serving. Pair this festive salad with our Lime and Cucumberita for the perfect meal; see the recipe on the next slide.

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Lime and Cucumberita

Enjoy your taco salad with a fun blended margarita. This version featuring cucumbers and lime is a perfect drink to celebrate your love. If you prefer, there are nonalcoholic and sugar-substitute versions as well!

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Roast Beef with Mushroom-Fig Sauce

Throw a small Valentine's Day party with family or friends and watch guests swoon over this restaurant-worthy dish. After enjoying such a low-carb dinner, everyone will have room for the decadent dessert on the next slide!

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Molten Cupcakes

Your loved ones will rave about these scrumptious cupcakes that ooze chocolate and peanut butter. They're easier than you might think to make, plus you can use a sugar substitute.

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Chicken Pot Pie for Two

Cozy up with your valentine and enjoy this comforting dish that's loaded with veggies and 7 grams of fiber. Make sure to save room for our light and refreshing dessert on the next slide.

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Apricot Yogurt Delight

This light yogurt dish is the perfect low-carb dessert after a hearty pot pie. Apricot preserves and dried apricots provide a blend of sweet textures your taste buds will adore.

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Mexican-Style Shrimp Pizza

In just 25 minutes, you can whip up this delicious south-of-the-border-inspired pizza. Topped with shrimp, Monterey Jack cheese, and jalapeno peppers, this pizza pairs perfectly with a cool drink. We have a fun suggestion on the next slide.

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Mock Margarita

Sip on this nonalcoholic margarita that has just 15 grams of carb. You won't miss the alcohol in this cocktail, which features limeade, grapefruit juice, and -- of course -- salt on the rim!

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Thai-Style Veggie Pizza

Using premade pizza dough and peanut sauce makes this pizza a snap to prepare -- in just 20 minutes! With so much flavor packed into one pizza, try a light, low-fat dessert, such as the cookies on the next slide.

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Lemon Meringue Sandwich Cookies

The delicate flavors in this dessert are a refreshing end to dinner. Enjoy these low-carb cookies (only 8 grams of carb for two) with a hot cup of your favorite tea.

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Feta-Stuffed Chicken

Make a delicious Valentine's Day meal your family will love. This chicken dish is stuffed with tangy feta and cream cheeses and served over a bed of spinach for just 2 grams of carb per serving. Then you can enjoy the chocolate bread pudding on the next slide!

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Cherry Chocolate Bread Puddings

This chocolate bread pudding boasts only 148 calories and 25 grams of carb per serving. Tart cherries and fresh orange peel add undeniable flavor to this rich chocolate dessert. Make it ahead for a fuss-free night.

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