Better with Bacon Recipes

Crispy, crunchy bacon boosts flavor in any dish -- and when used in moderation, it can be diabetes-friendly, too. From bacon-wrapped appetizers to not-so-traditional BLTs, these recipes are better with bacon!

Avocado BLT Sandwiches

Add some pizzazz to your everyday BLT! Crispy bacon paired with heart-healthy avocado equals a satisfying sandwich packed with vitamin C, protein, and fiber.

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Smoky Baked Beans

Get fully-loaded baked beans featuring fresh bacon bits, peppers, and onions and seasoned with brown sugar and Worcestershire sauce.

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Green Beans with Bacon and Walnuts

Make these beans your go-to side dish! Bacon brings out the flavor in fresh green beans while providing a low-carb side perfect with beef, chicken, or pork.

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Skillet Corn

Crumbled bacon mixed with a colorful medley of corn, soybeans, and jalapeno chile peppers makes this dish better.

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Bacon Salad Dressing

Drizzle bacon-infused dressing over your favorite salad! Preparing your own dressing saves on calories, carbs, and fat without skimping on delicious bacon flavor.

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Bacon and Egg Breakfast Wraps

Start your day off right with green sweet peppers, crisp bacon, and mushrooms topped with hot pepper sauce -- a great way to wake you up!

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Bacon and Edamame Wraps

Whip up these wraps for an on-the-go lunch or a light dinner. Protein-rich soybeans and bacon blend with jalapeno chile peppers and cilantro for a Mexican-inspired take on the classic BLT.

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Bacon and Salsa Hot Cereal

No more boring cereal! Top oat bran with bacon, cheese, and tomatoes for a savory breakfast that leaves you feeling full and satisfied.

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Bacon 'n' Eggs Pockets

Pack whole wheat pitas with Canadian-style bacon and scrambled eggs for a quick and easy breakfast. Bonus: Top it off with cheese and green onion for a healthy and satisfying meal with 18 grams of carb per serving.

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Bacon-Tomato Melts

Leave off half of your bread and top your sandwich with bacon! Only using one piece of bread keeps this open-face sandwich at 15 grams of carb per serving.

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Cheddar-Maple Squash

Bring out the flavor in this butternut squash dish with a few crispy crumbles of turkey bacon. You'll get a comfort-food fix for less than 150 calories and only 16 grams of carb per serving.

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Blueberry Waffle Cups

Nothing beats bacon, blueberries, waffles, and eggs all in one dish on a weekend morning. Serve this at your next brunch and you'll have a new family favorite.

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Hot German-Style Potato Salad

This diabetes-friendly take on an old-world favorite stays low in fat by using turkey bacon.

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Smoky Nut-Stuffed Apricots

Guests will love these sassy appetizers featuring apricots, walnuts, and seasoned provolone wrapped in bacon.

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BMT Scrambled Eggs

You don't need a lot of bacon for big flavor. Try sprinkling bacon bits on top of your eggs in the morning for a crispy flavor boost that tastes like a splurge.

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