Top Diabetic Chili Recipes

Chili is a delicious and healthful dish that's easy to make for a perfect weeknight meal or game-day crowd-pleaser. These diabetic recipes are loaded with veggies and fiber-filled beans for a nutritional bonus.
  • Farro and Vegetable Chicken Chili

    Farro is a tasty alternative when pasta and rice become boring standbys. Farro is a grain that is gluten-free and filled with fiber. One serving of this chili will give you 5 grams of fiber and large dose of vitamin A.

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  • Chipotle Pork Chili

    Filled with sweet peppers, chile pepper, salsa, onion, and garlic, this slow cooker chili has a kick your taste buds will love. Plus, it provides 16 percent of your daily need for potassium -- a nutrient that is often inadequate in American diets.

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  • Chicken Chili Monterey

    This delicious and nutritious low-carb chili is filled to the brim with healthful vegetables such as onion, carrot, celery, and tomatoes, plus sweet-tart apples. You'll reap the rewards of this dish, which is low in cholesterol but high in protein with 17 grams per serving.

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  • BBQ Bean Chili

    The molasses in this recipe makes for a subtly sweet and tangy chili. The navy and kidney beans load it with fiber -- 19 grams per serving means you'll reach two-thirds of your daily fiber recommendation with just one bowl.

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  • Caribbean Pork Chili

    Enjoy every bite of this succulent slow cooker chili. Made with mango, ground chipotle chile pepper, and corn, this classic chili with an island-style twist is full of flavors to savor.

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  • Chicken Fajita Chili

    Enjoy juicy chicken in this slow cooker favorite, which has just 22 grams of carb and less than 300 milligrams of sodium per serving. Make this spicy, low-fat chili easier to prepare by using frozen stir-fry vegetables.

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  • Hearty Beef Chili

    This meat-filled chili is low in fat and a good source of protein. When serving a group, offer several toppers, such as black olives, tortilla chips, or sour cream, so guests can customize their chili.

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  • Vegetarian Chili

    No-salt-added tomatoes and tomato sauce as well as salt-free seasoning blend keep the sodium down in this hearty, meatless bowl of chili.

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  • Turkey and Bean Chili

    If you want to spice up this mild chili, add a can of green chile peppers or even a few smoked poblanos for more heat and smoky flavor.

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  • Beef and Red Bean Chili

    This chunky Mexican-style stew owes its delightful flavor to an intriguing blend of chipotle pepper, oregano, cumin, and cilantro.

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  • Chipotle Chili with Hominy and Beans

    This zesty chili is hearty and healthful. Use no-salt-added tomatoes and rinse the beans and hominy to keep sodium levels in check.

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  • Fix-and-Forget White Chili

    Thicken this slow cooker chili to perfect spooning consistency by slightly mashing the beans.

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  • Texas-Style Chili

    Texans have strong opinions about their chili. The meat must be cubed -- never ground. Beans and canned tomatoes are never stirred into the mixture, but they may be served alongside.

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