Fun Fitness Ideas: Buddy-Up Partner Exercises

Turn fitness time into quality time: You and a loved one or good friend can stay healthy and fit by exercising together. This is a great way to ensure you both find room in your busy day for physical activity (no gym needed).
  • Buddy-Up Partner Exercises

    The following partner exercises include a variety of moves that encourage two people to interact, have fun together, and accomplish an effective workout. The only equipment needed is two resistance bands and a lightweight medicine ball. Exercises for two people are great for developing teamwork and friendships while adding a bit of healthy competition, which may motivate both of you.

  • Tricep Kickbacks

    A. Stand facing your partner, each with feet hip-width apart and knees slightly bent, with one foot forward for balance. You both wrap one band around your waist and have your partner hold the handles. Bend forward at the hips while maintaining upright posture and a long spine.

    B. Raise both of your bent elbows high behind your back and keep them there throughout the exercise. Slowly straighten your arms backward at the same time. Your elbows, serving as hinges, should not move out of position. Keep your chin lifted and in line with your spine. Slowly return to the starting position.

    Perform 8-20 repetitions.

    Tip: Resistance bands are color-coded. Generally, light-color tubing provides light resistance. As you progress, trade up to a band that offers more resistance -- and more of a workout.

  • Trunk Rotation

    A. You both wrap a band around your waist and have your partner hold the handles. Back away from each other until there is some resistance in the bands. Maintain good posture by lifting your rib cage and drawing in the abdominal muscles throughout the exercise. Rotate your torso one way while your partner rotates in the opposite direction. Keep elbows close to your body. Rotate from head to toe, pivoting on your front foot.

    B. Rotate to the opposite side. Be sure to turn your knee and foot in the same direction as the pivot.

    Perform 8-20 repetitions.

  • Single-Leg Chest Pass

    Stand facing your partner about 2 feet apart. Balance on one leg. Keep your abdominal muscles contracted and your body upright and stable. Pass a lightweight medicine ball back and forth at chest level.

    Continue for 30-60 seconds and then repeat, standing on the other leg.

    Tip: For variety, hop from side to side or front to back while passing the ball.

  • Throw and Catch

    A. Stand facing your partner about 3 feet apart. Hold the lightweight medicine ball over your head. Maintain an upright posture.

    B. Keep your abdominal muscles contracted as you squat and throw the ball to the floor so it bounces up to your partner.

    C. Your partner then catches the ball and quickly bounces it back to you. Continue throwing and catching for 1-3 minutes. For variety, try throwing the ball side to side so your partner moves more to catch it.

    Tip: For these buddy exercises, choose a medicine ball that weighs 1-4 pounds.

  • Standing Twist

    A. Stand back-to-back with your partner.

    B. Slowly twist to one side and pass the ball to your partner at waist level. Maintain an upright posture, using your abdominal muscles as you twist.

    C. Twist to the opposite side to retrieve the ball, rotating through your midline. Continue passing the ball for 30-90 seconds. For variety, try this exercise while kneeling.

    Tip: A little healthy competition (and encouraging banter) makes the workout time fly by when you exercise with a buddy!

  • Sit-Ups Pass

    A. Sit on the floor next to your partner, facing opposite directions, with your knees bent. Sit upright with abdominal muscles contracted tightly. Hold the medicine ball in front of your chest close to your body.

    B. Recline to the floor, maintaining a straight spine.

    C. Sit up and pass the ball to your partner. Then repeat, having your partner pass the ball to you. Continue the exercise for 30-90 seconds.

    Tip: For variety, try facing the same direction and tossing the ball laterally to your partner.

    See video of these easy medicine ball exercises

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