How to Create a Home Gym

Working out on equipment you have at home makes exercise convenient. Find many equipment options that fit your space, time, and budget, set realistic goals, and start your in-home exercise program.

Getting Started

"The right home exercise equipment can add variety, convenience, and consistency to your workouts," says Gregory Florez, president of First Fitness, Inc., in Salt Lake City. "Invest in convenience and you're more likely to use the equipment."

However, don't feel pressured to buy commercial equipment. Commercial-grade equipment is often considerably more expensive than in-home models because it's designed for hours of continuous use in a health-club setting. As an in-home exerciser, you may use your exercise equipment for just 30 minutes a day, which causes significantly less wear and tear on the machine.

No matter what, make sure you shop from a reputable dealer who offers in-home trial periods or warranties. Ask for recommendations from people who have recently purchased home exercise equipment. Some questions to include are:

  • Where did you shop for home exercise equipment?

  • What was your experience at each shop?

  • What made you choose the store you did?

  • Would you recommend the store?