Living Well with Diabetes: 28 Days to a Healthier You

Kick off the New Year (or any time of year) with these daily motivators to lose weight and feel better. Take control of your diabetes today!

Live Better in 28 Days

Want to ease into making healthier choices? Follow our simple tips to help you get closer to your goals. Take our 28-day challenge and then keep it going!

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Get Started!

Buddy up with a friend with similar weight-loss goals. Pinky-swear to hold each other accountable.

Video: Grab a partner! Fun fitness moves to do with a buddy.

Shake It Up

Banish plain veggies with one shake of a no-calorie, sodium-free spice.

Recipes that Sneak In Veggies

One Step at a Time

Pass on the up button and take the stairs instead -- every time.

Pop in a DVD

Rainy days are no excuse! Keep fitness DVDs on hand or check them out from the library.

Easy Moves to Do Around the House

Pace Yourself

Pace while gabbing on the phone -- you'll blast more calories than if you were sitting.

Clean House

Burn, baby, burn (calories, that is) by dusting, mopping, vacuuming, and scrubbing.

Weigh In

Get on the scale! Studies confirm that weighing in weekly helps keep the pounds off.

25 Ways to Jump-Start Weight Loss

Go Whole Grain

Choose whole grain and whole wheat bread and pasta.

Delicious Whole Grain Recipes

Take a Walk

Download an audio book for walking so the plot can thicken while you get thin.

Think Outside the Box

Beat a workout rut with Pilates, salsa dancing, or water aerobics.

Try Our Pilates Workout!

Choices Matter

Just say no to "Do you want fries with that?" or cut calories by ordering a kid's meal.

22 Foods to Avoid

Skip the Vending Machine

Save money and calories with produce from home instead of candy from the vending machine.

Our Best Easy-Fix Snacks

Get Out the Door

Stash running or walking shoes at your front door for easy and convenient access -- and no excuses!

Tips for Trail Walking

Say Goodnight

Zzzzz. Snooze for at least seven hours to get enough sleep.

How to Lower High Morning Blood Sugar

Conquer Cravings

Avoid nibbling by brushing your teeth after meals.

10 Ways to Lose 5 Pounds

Grab a Quick Bite

Eat breakfast, even if you're running late or don't feel hungry in the a.m.

On-the-Go Breakfast Ideas

Keep a Record

Save the date by recording your workouts on a calendar.

Challenge Yourself

Set a goal. When you reach it, treat yourself to a new workout outfit.

12 Tips for Weight Loss

Plan Ahead

Be a domestic king or queen -- plan your meals before hitting the store.

Healthy Shopping Tips

Write It Down

Dear diary: Commit to keeping a food journal for one week, recording everything you eat.

How a Food Journal Can Help Control Blood Sugar

Do Your Research

Review online menus for nutrition info before cruising to a dinner hot spot.

Tips for Dining Out with Diabetes

Sweet Idea

For dessert, choose fruit dressed up with a dollop of vanilla yogurt and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Our Best Low-Carb Desserts

Cut Calories

Cut 100 calories at lunch: Get a cheese-free sandwich or use mustard instead of mayo.

Small Steps: 18 Ways to Cut 100 Calories

Drink Water

Stay hydrated: Drinking water makes you feel full so you eat less.

Read Labels

Pay attention to serving sizes, calories, and fat on nutrition labels.

Get the Scoop on Food Labels

Downsize Dinnerware

Measure your dinner plates; 7-9 inches in diameter is best for controlling portion sizes.

23 Plate Method Meals

Try Something New

Be adventurous with nutrient-rich foods, such as quinoa (for protein) and papaya (for antioxidants).

Our Best Diabetic Dinner Recipes

Take Control!

Find helpful resources to record your numbers and keep track of target goals. Start a food journal or create a shopping list to make healthful choices from grocery aisle to dinner table. Plus, we offer charts to keep track of medications, meal plans, exercise, and much more.

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