Feel Calmer with Meditation

Don't let stress overwhelm you. Meditation can help you feel more control over your daily stresses and help you better manage and cope with your diabetes.



If you worry about how diabetes may affect your future, meditation can help dispel that anxiety. Researchers have found many mental, emotional, and even physical health benefits associated with the practice.

Meditation can help you:

  • improve your mood

  • sleep better

  • alleviate physical and emotional symptoms related to chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer

  • reduce heart rate and breathing rate

  • tolerate uncertainty and day-to-day nuisances

  • deal with fear

  • live in the present moment

  • increase brain mass

  • think clearer by enhancing sensory, auditory, visual, and internal perception

"Meditation is a generalized de-stressing technique that releases you from your thinking machine, from that restless voice inside your head that never lets up except when you're asleep or unconscious," says June Biermann, author of The Diabetic's Total Health and Happiness Book (Tarcher, 2003).