Dining Out Healthfully: Breakfast

Whether you're dashing to work or relishing a weekend breakfast, the right morning foods can help you control blood glucose and focus on good nutrition. The keys are choosing wisely and controlling portion sizes.


Breakfast: A Great Choice

The choice of what you eat for breakfast is yours. But by far, the smartest choice of all is to eat breakfast in the first place. It's a great head start toward meeting your nutrition needs for the day.

The preferred option, healthwise, is to tote your own breakfast from home. Fixing it to go can save you time and money. It also increases your odds of a more healthful breakfast because you control the menu. Stock up on cereal, yogurt, and whole grain breads that can go with you.

However, there are times when breakfast at home might not be a realistic option. For those days, we took a look at popular drive-through breakfast foods, diner specials, and coffee-shop picks to sort out the best options. Here's what we found.