Healthy Makeovers for Diabetes: Simple Ways to Transform Your Cooking

Diabetic Living® magazine makes it easier for you to eat healthfully with step-by-step instructions on healthier cooking methods; suggested ingredient swaps to lower fat, carbs, and calories in your favorite recipes; and tips for stress-free cooking.

Healthy Makeovers for Diabetes, from the editors of Diabetic Living magazine, combines all the same information in a fun, graphic cookbook chock-full of small changes that add up to big results when it comes to losing weight and balancing blood sugar. Kick-start breakfast with ingredients that boost metabolism. Unload carbs by substituting healthy, satisfying ingredients like spiralized zucchini for pasta.  Serve seared scallops over one of the “fresh beds”—such as a pile of lemony roasted fennel—rather than rice or potatoes. You’ll learn healthy cooking skills thanks to a dynamic design that calls out ingredient and technique swaps, including trading bread crumbs for ground nuts in a crispy chicken coating. Family favorites and restaurant classics alike get retooled to balance portion size and showcase nutrient-packed ingredients. Even the mouth-watering desserts have a lighter side!


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