Group Support Tips for People with Diabetes

You don't have to face diabetes alone. Join a support group to connect with people who truly understand, motivate, and encourage you.


Find a Health Buddy

Lori Bohall knew for years that she had insulin resistance. But that meant little to her until last year, when she began regaining weight she'd lost. Her feet ached, and she sank into depression. Her doctor said she had type 2 diabetes. An invitation from her health coach to join a diabetes class was the wake-up call Lori needed. The class provided a wealth of information, and she was inspired by others who talked openly about their experiences with diabetes.

"Learning from others who have had success with managing their diabetes made me want to come on board and really get in the game," says Lori, 43, of Indianapolis. Lori also began to feel as if she owed it to the group to do her best at managing her health. "I find myself thinking about my class buddies as I work on my program each day," she says. "Knowing they are doing all it takes to be healthy inspires me." She's even made new friends through the group, including a walking buddy.