Exenatide: Control Glucose and Possibly Lose Weight

Exenatide -- sold under the name Byetta -- helps your body control postmeal highs by mimicking a hormone from the intestine called incretin. It helps reduce A1C and helps many people lose weight. Is it right for you?



Exenatide, sold under the brand name Byetta, is the first in a groundbreaking class of drugs called incretin mimetics (they're structurally similar to your body's incretin hormones and mimic their effects).

What Are Incretins?

Research has shown that people with type 2 diabetes produce lower than normal amounts of incretins, a group of hormones made in the intestine.

Incretins help regulate blood glucose, especially after meals. Incretins are released into the bloodstream from specialized cells in the intestine in response to a meal. The incretin hormones stimulate the pancreas to secrete insulin, lessen the desire to eat more, slow stomach emptying, and decrease the levels of a hormone made in the alpha cells of the pancreas called glucagon that raises blood glucose levels.