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From our drink guide and mini cookbooks to a checkup checklist for your next doctor's appointment, you'll find a variety of useful tools to help with your diabetes management. Please register or log in to download our special offers!

Calorie & Carb Counter Drink Guide

Keep your carbs and calories under control when ordering drinks at your favorite bar or restaurant with our handy Calorie & Carb Counter Drink Guide. From apple juice to cappuccinos to wine coolers, this handy guide helps you stay on track.

How to use your pocket guide:

  • Download our pdf and print on 9x11-inch paper. Trim along outer dotted line.

  • Fold on the gray lines.

  • Drinks are organized by categories: wine, beer, coffee drinks, milk, juice & tea, coolers, and cocktails.

  • On generic listings (e.g. lemonade), calorie and carbohydrate counters are an average of multiple brands.

  • On brand listings (e.g. TGI Fridays Margarita), calorie and carbohydrate counts are based on manufacturer's information.

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Your Diabetes Health: Doctor Checkup Checklist

Get this helpful diabetes health guide for information on tests and targets for blood glucose, kidney function, vision health, blood pressure, and more.

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15 Ways to Lower Your Blood Sugar

Good blood glucose control is vital to diabetes care. Studies have shown that good control can prevent or delay the onset of complications. Here are 15 steps you can take to control your blood sugar.

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Guide to Fresh Produce

Any chef will tell you the tastiest results come when you cook with fruits and vegetables that are ripe and in season. Use this chart as a handy reference for spotting, buying, and storing the best produce to ensure delicious dishes all year round.

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Once, Eat Three Times!

Big-batch cooking has its benefits, but who likes eating the same thing night after night? Problem solved! Use your slow cooker to cook a roast or a batch of chicken thighs to shred, then use the meat to make three deliciously different recipes for a total of nine convenient meals!

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Take Control! Diabetes Workbook

What does it mean to take control of diabetes? Taking control of diabetes means not letting diabetes control you. Diabetic Living provides the tools you need to live your best. Find helpful resources to record your numbers and keep track of target goals. Start a food journal or create a shopping list to make healthful choices from grocery aisle to dinner table. Plus, we offer charts to keep track of medications, meal plans, exercise, and much more. Go ahead! Take control now!

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Plate Method Menus Mini Cookbook

Enjoy our 14 fantastic menu options! Use the plate method formula for simple and delicious diabetes meal planning. Start with a 9-inch-diameter plate and fill the sections accordingly. Include a side of fruit and/or a serving of low-fat dairy as your calorie and carb budgets allow. Dinner has never been so easy!

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Sweet & Salty Snacks Recipe Cards

Download our handy recipe cards to make an easy snack that satisfies your sweet and salty cravings.

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